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Name Popularity: 93%

Yasmin name meaning:

The name Yasmin is of Persian origin and holds several meanings. One of the most common interpretations is "jasmine flower." Jasmine is a beautiful and fragrant flower that symbolizes grace, elegance, and purity. The name Yasmin is often associated with these qualities, reflecting the feminine charm and delicacy that parents may wish to bestow upon their daughter.

In Arabic, Yasmin has an additional meaning, which is "gift from God." This interpretation adds a spiritual significance to the name, suggesting that the child is seen as a precious blessing and divine offering. It reflects the belief in Islam that children are a gift from Allah, and the name Yasmin serves as a reminder of this profound belief.

Overall, the name Yasmin encapsulates the essence of beauty, grace, and spiritual significance. It is a name that carries positive connotations, symbolizing femininity, purity, and the preciousness of life.

Origin: Arabic


Related names

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Overall UK ranking: 363 out of 5581

127 recorded births last year

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