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Name Popularity: 90%

Tillie name meaning:

The name Tillie is a variant of the name Matilda, which has Germanic origins. Matilda is derived from the elements "maht," meaning "might" or "strength," and "hild," meaning "battle." Therefore, the name Tillie can be interpreted to mean "mighty in battle" or "strong in battle." It carries connotations of bravery, resilience, and power.

Tillie is a charming and timeless name that can hold different meanings depending on the cultural context. In addition to its Germanic roots, the name Tillie also has associations with English and Scottish heritage. It gained popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, often used as a nickname for Matilda.

Overall, the name Tillie embodies qualities of strength and courage. It encapsulates the image of a fierce warrior, ready to face any challenge that comes her way.

Origin: German

Short form of Mathilda.

Related names

Mathilda , Tillie

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Overall UK ranking: 544 out of 5581

74 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (396)

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