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The name Tasnim is of Arabic origin and has a beautiful and profound meaning. It is commonly used as a feminine given name for girls. The name is derived from the Arabic word "tasnim" which refers to a spring or fountain in Paradise. In Islamic tradition, Paradise is described as a place of eternal bliss and happiness, with Tasnim being one of its most exquisite sources of water.

The name Tasnim carries several symbolic meanings, such as purity, beauty, and rejuvenation. It represents the idea of life and abundance, as a spring provides nourishment and sustenance to all living beings. It also signifies renewal and spiritual refreshment. Naming a girl Tasnim can be seen as a hopeful wish for her to possess qualities of purity, grace, and inner beauty, and to bring happiness and joy to those around her.

Overall, the name Tasnim is a profound and meaningful choice for a girl. It reflects the aspirations of parents for their daughter to embody qualities of purity, beauty, and renewal, and to bring happiness and abundance into their lives.

Origin: Arabic

Fountain of paradise.

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13 recorded births last year

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