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The name Sultana has multiple origins and meanings across different cultures. In Arabic, Sultana means "queen" or "ruler," derived from the Arabic word sultan. It is a title used to refer to the female members of a ruling family, particularly in the Ottoman Empire. As a name, Sultana embodies strength, power, and leadership qualities. It often carries connotations of royalty and authority.

Sultana can also be found as a name in other cultures. In Persian, it means "princess" or "noblewoman." In some regions of India, Sultana is used as a given name for girls, symbolizing elegance and grace. Additionally, Sultana has been adopted by certain African cultures, where it represents a woman of influence or importance.

Overall, Sultana is a name that exudes regality and significance. It carries a sense of authority and femininity, embodying qualities traditionally associated with leadership and nobility.

Origin: Arabic

Queen, empress.

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