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The name Sofia is of Greek origin and has several different meanings. In Greek, it means "wisdom" or "knowledge." It is derived from the Greek word "sophos," which translates to "wise" or "skilled." Sofia is also associated with the virtue of wisdom, representing intelligence, insight, and a deep understanding of the world.

Beyond its Greek origin, Sofia is a name that has been adopted by various cultures and languages around the world, including Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. In these languages, Sofia still carries a similar meaning, representing wisdom, intellect, and sagacity.

The name Sofia has gained popularity in recent years, perhaps due to its elegant sound and sophisticated meaning. It is a name often chosen for girls who are expected to grow up to be strong, intelligent, and independent individuals. Overall, Sofia is a timeless name that embodies the qualities of wisdom and intelligence.

Origin: Italian

Form of Sophia. See Sophie.

Related names

Sophia , Sofia , Sonja, Sophy , Zsofika

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Overall UK ranking: 23 out of 5581

1671 recorded births last year

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