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Name Popularity: 55%

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The name Sakeena is of Arabic origin and carries a beautiful and profound meaning. It is derived from the Arabic word "sakan" which means tranquility, peace, or calmness. Therefore, the name Sakeena symbolizes inner serenity, a sense of peace, and a calm nature. Those named Sakeena are believed to possess a gentle and soothing presence that brings comfort to those around them.

Sakeena also has Islamic significance as it is associated with the concept of spiritual tranquility. In Islamic teachings, Sakeena is considered a gift from Allah, a state of contentment and peace that descends upon individuals during moments of faith, prayer, or in challenging times. It represents a connection to the divine and a source of solace and strength.

Parents who choose the name Sakeena for their daughters often hope to imbue them with the qualities of tranquility and peace. They may wish for their child to grow up to be a source of calm amidst chaos, to have a peaceful demeanor, and to bring serenity and comfort to those around them.

Origin: Arabic

Variant of Sakinah: Tranquility, devout. God-inspired peace of mind.

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