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Name Popularity: 55%

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The name Sahib is of Arabic origin and has multiple meanings and interpretations. In Arabic, Sahib means "companion" or "friend" and is often used to refer to someone who is respected, esteemed, or considered to be of higher status. In Islamic culture, Sahib can also mean a person who is pious, noble, or virtuous.

In some South Asian cultures, Sahib is a title used to show respect and is often added to a person's name as a mark of honor. Historically, it was commonly used during the British colonial era to address or refer to Europeans in positions of authority, such as officials or officers. The term Sahib was also used by Indian servants and workers to address their British employers.

Overall, the name Sahib carries connotations of respect, honor, and status. It represents qualities such as friendship, nobility, and piety, depending on the cultural context in which it is used.

Origin: Arabic

Companion, follower.

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