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Name Popularity: 17%

Sabeeha name meaning:

The name Sabeeha is of Arabic origin and has a beautiful meaning. It is derived from the root word "sabaaha," which means "to be beautiful, to shine, to be radiant." Therefore, the name Sabeeha can be translated to mean "beautiful, radiant, shining" or "one who is full of beauty and charm."

Sabeeha is a name that holds positive connotations, representing qualities such as brightness, attractiveness, and elegance. Naming a girl Sabeeha suggests that she possesses a captivating and radiant nature, both in terms of physical appearance and inner beauty. It reflects a desire to celebrate and acknowledge a person's beauty, not just in terms of their physical features but also in terms of their character and the positive impact they have on others.

Choosing the name Sabeeha for a girl can be seen as a way to express the parents' hope for her to be a beacon of light and a source of joy and beauty in the world.

Origin: Arabic

Variant of Sabiha: Forenoon, beautiful.

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Overall UK ranking: 4634 out of 5581

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