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Name Popularity: 86%

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The name Roisin is of Irish origin and holds deep cultural significance. Derived from the Irish word "rós," meaning "rose," Roisin symbolizes beauty, femininity, and elegance. In Irish mythology, the rose represents love, passion, and devotion, making Roisin a name imbued with romantic connotations.

Roisin is a popular name in Ireland, reflecting the country's rich Gaelic heritage. It is often associated with traditional values, gracefulness, and a strong connection to nature. Additionally, the name Roisin has been celebrated in Irish literature and music, further contributing to its cultural importance.

Parents who choose the name Roisin for their daughter often appreciate its unique and enchanting qualities, wanting to honor their Irish heritage or simply drawn to its poetic charm. Roisin resonates with a sense of grace and strength, making it a timeless choice for parents who desire a name that encapsulates beauty and resilience.

Origin: English

Variant of Rose: Rose (flower name).

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Overall UK ranking: 788 out of 5581

46 recorded births last year

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