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Name Popularity: 47%

Rina name meaning:

The name Rina is of Hebrew origin and holds several meanings. One interpretation is that it means "joy" or "happiness." This meaning highlights the positive and cheerful nature often associated with individuals bearing this name. Rina is also considered a diminutive form of various names, including Catherine, Marina, and Irene. In this context, the name Rina is derived from these longer names and signifies a smaller or more affectionate version of them.

Names hold significant cultural and personal significance, and Rina is no exception. It encompasses a sense of joy and contentment, bringing a bright and cheerful energy to those who bear it. Rina may also symbolize a sense of endearment, reflecting the affection and warmth associated with being a diminutive form of other names. Overall, the name Rina carries connotations of happiness, positivity, and a loving nature, making it a wonderful choice for a girl's name.

Origin: English

Diminutive of feminine names ending in 'rina'.

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Overall UK ranking: 2942 out of 5581

8 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (1490)

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