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Name Popularity: 97%

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The name Penny has its origins in Greek and is often considered a diminutive form of Penelope. The name Penny itself means "weaver" or "bobbin worker." In ancient Greece, weaving was an important skill, and Penelope was known for her weaving abilities and her loyalty to her husband Odysseus in Homer's epic, The Odyssey.

The name Penny also carries connotations of wealth and luck. In English, a penny is a small denomination of currency, and it is often associated with good fortune or prosperity. Additionally, the phrase "a penny for your thoughts" implies that one's ideas or opinions are valuable. As such, the name Penny can be seen as representing someone who is resourceful, creative, and fortunate. It conveys a sense of strength and determination, derived from the character Penelope, as well as an element of good fortune and prosperity associated with the word "penny."

Origin: Greek

Flower. Also a diminutive of Penelope: Bobbin.

Related names

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Overall UK ranking: 178 out of 5581

288 recorded births last year

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