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Name Popularity: 95%

Nia name meaning:

The name Nia is of Welsh origin and has a few different interpretations, all of which reflect positive qualities. One meaning of Nia is "bright" or "radiant," suggesting a vibrant and cheerful personality. It can also be derived from the Swahili language, where it means "purpose" or "intention." This interpretation highlights the notion of having a clear direction and determination in life. Additionally, Nia can be seen as a short form of names like Antonia or Eugenia, which carry their own meanings.

Parents who choose the name Nia for their daughter may hope to convey a sense of joy, positivity, and purpose. The name suggests a person who is lively, enthusiastic, and driven. It can also symbolize a strong sense of self and a commitment to personal growth and development. With its diverse origins and meanings, Nia is a name that can resonate with a variety of cultural backgrounds, making it a popular choice for baby girls around the world.

Origin: English

Derived from abbreviation of names with 'nia' ending.

Related names

Nia , Niguel

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Overall UK ranking: 289 out of 5581

164 recorded births last year

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    Regional popularity

    Ranking for this name in various UK regions

  • Wales (81)
  • Scotland (316)

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