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The name Mariam is of Hebrew origin and has multiple meanings across different cultures. In Hebrew, Mariam is derived from the name Miryam and is believed to mean "bitter" or "rebellious." This meaning is often associated with the biblical character of Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron, who displayed strong-willed and independent characteristics.

In Islamic tradition, Mariam is the Arabic form of the name Maryam, which is the name of the mother of Jesus. In this context, the name is highly revered and signifies purity, piety, and devotion. Maryam is considered one of the most honorable and respected women in Islamic history.

Overall, the name Mariam holds different meanings depending on the cultural and religious context. While it can represent rebellion and independence in Hebrew, it also embodies purity and devotion in Islamic traditions. Ultimately, the significance of the name Mariam for a girl may carry traits of strength, resilience, and spirituality.

Origin: Arabic

Arabic form of Mary.

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