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The name Mara has multiple origins and meanings, depending on the cultural context. In Hebrew, Mara means "bitter" or "sorrowful." It is associated with the biblical story of Naomi, who changed her name to Mara after experiencing great loss and sadness. In this sense, Mara can represent the struggles and hardships one has faced but also the strength and resilience to overcome them.

Mara also has different meanings in other languages and cultures. In Sanskrit, Mara means "destroyer" or "tempter" and is often associated with the god of death and desire. In Slavic languages, Mara is derived from the word "mare" or "nightmare" and is linked to folklore and superstitions surrounding sleep paralysis. In some African languages, Mara means "beautiful" or "adorable." Overall, the name Mara carries a sense of depth and complexity, encompassing various emotions and symbolic representations.

While the meaning of a name can provide insight into its origins and cultural significance, it is also worth noting that names can hold personal meanings for individuals and their families.

Origin: Hebrew



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