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Name Popularity: 84%

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The name Lorena is of Spanish and Portuguese origin. It is the feminine form of the name Lorenzo, which is derived from the Latin name Laurentius, meaning "from Laurentum." Laurentum was an ancient city in Italy and the name itself is believed to come from the Latin word "laurus," meaning "laurel" or "crowned with laurel."

In terms of symbolism, the name Lorena is associated with honor, victory, and distinction. The laurel wreath is a symbol of triumph and was often awarded to victors in ancient Greek and Roman societies. As such, the name Lorena carries connotations of success, strength, and resilience. It is a name that reflects a powerful and determined personality, as well as a strong sense of purpose and ambition.

Overall, Lorena is a beautiful and meaningful name for a girl, rooted in ancient history and imbued with a sense of achievement and excellence. It is a name that conveys strength, honor, and the ability to overcome challenges, making it a fitting choice for parents seeking a name with a strong and empowering significance.

Origin: English

Variant of Laura or Lora referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.

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