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The name Lamis is of Arabic origin and is predominantly given to girls. It holds a beautiful and poetic meaning, often translated as "soft to the touch" or "gentle strokes." Lamis is derived from the Arabic word "lamasa," which means to touch or stroke lightly. The name conveys a sense of tenderness, delicacy, and sensitivity.

Lamis represents someone who is compassionate, kind-hearted, and gentle in their interactions with others. They possess a nurturing nature, often offering comfort and solace to those around them. This name also suggests a person who understands the power of a gentle touch or a soothing presence, someone who can bring calmness to any situation.

Those named Lamis may embody a serene and tranquil demeanor, making them approachable and well-liked. Their presence radiates warmth and understanding, making them stand out as individuals who can empathize with others easily. Lamis is a name that embodies a sense of grace and elegance while also highlighting the importance of empathy and compassion in one's character.

Origin: Arabic

Soft to the touch.

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