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Name Popularity: 93%

Kyra name meaning:

The name Kyra is of Greek origin and holds several meanings. One interpretation is that it derives from the Greek word "kyrios," meaning "lord" or "master." In this context, Kyra can be seen as a feminine form of the name Kyros, which means "supreme ruler" or "leader." This meaning suggests strength, authority, and a sense of leadership.

Another possible meaning of the name Kyra is "throne" or "seat," which symbolizes power, dignity, and regality. This interpretation highlights the idea of Kyra being someone who commands respect and carries herself with grace and poise.

Overall, the name Kyra conveys a sense of strength, leadership, and regality. It represents someone who is confident, influential, and capable of taking charge. These qualities make Kyra an empowering name choice for parents who aspire for their daughter to grow up to be a confident and influential individual.

Origin: Greek

Enthroned. Variant of Cyra: (moon); Feminine form of Cyrus: (sun).

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Overall UK ranking: 404 out of 5581

110 recorded births last year

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