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Name Popularity: 99%

Imogen name meaning:

The name Imogen is of English origin and has Celtic roots. It is derived from the Celtic name Innogen, meaning "maiden" or "girl." Imogen is a feminine and elegant name that has gained popularity in recent years. It is often associated with beauty, grace, and charm.

Imogen has literary associations, most notably from William Shakespeare's play "Cymbeline," where the character Imogen is portrayed as a strong and virtuous woman. The name has a timeless quality to it, evoking a sense of sophistication and sophistication. Imogen is a name that exudes a sense of uniqueness and individuality, making it appealing to many parents looking for a name that stands out.

Overall, the name Imogen carries a sense of femininity, beauty, and strength. It has a rich history, literary connections, and a touch of elegance, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a distinctive and meaningful name for their baby girl.

Origin: English

Innocent, last born. The name of the heroine of Shakespeare's play Cymbehoe as a result of a printing error in the Folio edition of the play.

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Overall UK ranking: 48 out of 5581

998 recorded births last year

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  • Wales (40)
  • England (50)
  • Scotland (67)

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