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Name Popularity: 98%

Holly name meaning:

The name Holly is derived from the Old English word "holegn," which refers to the holly tree. The holly tree is an evergreen shrub with spiky leaves and bright red berries, often associated with Christmas festivities. As a name, Holly symbolizes joy, hope, and protection. The vibrant red berries of the holly tree are seen as a sign of life and renewal during the winter season, making the name Holly a representation of resilience and vitality.

People named Holly are often described as cheerful, optimistic, and warm-hearted individuals. They have a natural ability to bring joy and happiness to those around them. Holly is also associated with Christmas and the holiday season, evoking feelings of love, peace, and celebration. Those named Holly tend to embody these qualities and may have a special connection to the festive traditions and values associated with this time of year.

Overall, the name Holly carries a sense of positivity, vibrancy, and protection, making it a fitting choice for parents seeking a name that reflects joy and hope in their daughter.

Origin: English

Holly grove.


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Holly , Holley, Holli, Hollye

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Overall UK ranking: 95 out of 5581

568 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (53)
  • England (94)

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