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Name Popularity: 75%

Hala name meaning:

The name Hala is of Arabic origin and has various meanings depending on the context and region. One of the most common interpretations is "aura of light" or "halo," suggesting a bright and radiant personality. It can also be seen as a derivative of the Arabic word "hali," which means "sweetness" or "pleasantness," indicating a kind and gentle nature. Additionally, Hala can be associated with the Arabic word for "welcome," symbolizing hospitality and warmth.

In Islamic culture, Hala is also the name of a tree in paradise that is believed to bear sweet and delicious fruits. This further emphasizes the positive connotations of the name, suggesting that individuals named Hala may bring joy, beauty, and abundance into the lives of those around them. Overall, the name Hala carries a sense of positivity, illumination, and goodness, making it a favorable choice for parents seeking a name that embodies these qualities for their daughter.

Origin: Arabic

Lunar halo, glory.

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Overall UK ranking: 1402 out of 5581

22 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (1490)

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