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The name Gul is a feminine given name of Turkish origin. In Turkish, Gul means "rose." Roses are universally recognized as symbols of love, beauty, and elegance. They are associated with romance, passion, and the delicate nature of femininity. The name Gul carries a sense of grace and charm, reflecting the qualities often associated with a rose.

In many cultures, including Turkish culture, flowers hold symbolic importance. The rose, in particular, is often used to represent love and affection. It is a timeless symbol of beauty and is frequently associated with femininity and admiration. Therefore, the name Gul can be interpreted as representing a girl who possesses these qualities - someone who is loving, beautiful, and admired.

Overall, the name Gul carries a sense of elegance and beauty. It encapsulates the idea of femininity and love, making it a fitting name for a girl.

Origin: Arabic

Rose, flower.

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