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Name Popularity: 98%

Georgia name meaning:

The name Georgia is derived from the Greek name Georgios, which means "farmer" or "earthworker." It originated from the Greek word "georgos," where "ge" means earth and "ergon" means work. The name carries agricultural connotations and represents someone who labors on the land or is associated with farming.

In addition to its agricultural meaning, the name Georgia also holds historical significance. It is often associated with the state of Georgia in the United States, named after King George II of Great Britain. The state played a crucial role in the American Revolution and has a rich cultural heritage.

The name Georgia has gained popularity over the years due to its timeless charm and graceful sound. It reflects a strong and hardworking nature, while also evoking a sense of warmth and hospitality. People with this name are often perceived as dependable, practical, and down-to-earth. Overall, the name Georgia embodies a connection to the land and a resilient spirit.

Origin: Greek

Feminine form of George. A farmer.

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501 recorded births last year

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