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Name Popularity: 70%

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The name Estella originates from the Spanish and Portuguese word “estrella”, meaning “star”. It is a feminine form of the name Esteban, which is derived from the Latin name Stephanus, meaning “crown” or “garland”. As such, Estella carries a symbolic representation of brilliance and beauty, similar to the radiance of a star.

In literature, Estella gained popularity through Charles Dickens' novel "Great Expectations". Estella Havisham is a complex character who embodies both allure and coldness, reflecting the contrasting meanings of her name. Estella's beauty captivates the protagonist, Pip, but her upbringing in a loveless environment leads her to be distant and detached. This duality adds depth to the name Estella, symbolizing the complexity of human nature and the impact of one's surroundings on their personality.

Overall, the name Estella conveys a sense of elegance and celestial beauty, while also hinting at the potential for inner layers and hidden depths within the person who bears it.

Origin: French

Derived from the Old French form of the Latin 'stella' meaning star. Famous bearer: The heroine of Charles Dickens' novel 'Great Expectations'.


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Overall UK ranking: 1692 out of 5581

17 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (1490)

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