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Name Popularity: 68%

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The name Eman is of Arabic origin and it holds significant meaning. Eman is derived from the Arabic word "Iman" which translates to faith or belief. As a name, Eman carries the connotation of having strong faith, trust, and devotion in Islam. It is a name that symbolizes the belief in God and the submission to His will.

Parents who choose the name Eman for their son may hope to imbue him with qualities such as spirituality, righteousness, and a firm commitment to their religious beliefs. The name Eman serves as a constant reminder of the importance of faith and the role it plays in an individual's life. It signifies the trust one has in God, as well as the strength and guidance that faith provides.

Overall, the name Eman carries a deep spiritual meaning and is associated with the concept of faith in Islam. It is a name that reflects the strong religious beliefs and values within the Muslim community.

Origin: Irish

Irish form of Emest. Serious.

Related names

Emest , Eman , Ernesha, Ernesta, Ernestina

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Overall UK ranking: 1785 out of 5581

16 recorded births last year

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