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Name Popularity: 29%

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The name Elvina is derived from the Old English name Ælfwine, which is composed of the elements ælf, meaning "elf," and wine, meaning "friend" or "friendship." Therefore, the name Elvina can be interpreted to mean "elf friend" or "elfin friend." In mythology and folklore, elves are often portrayed as beautiful, magical beings associated with nature and the supernatural. Thus, the name Elvina may carry connotations of grace, enchantment, and a connection with the mystical realm.

Elvina is a unique and elegant name that can evoke a sense of wonder and fantasy. It can symbolize a person who is friendly and harmonious, while also possessing an ethereal and otherworldly charm. Those named Elvina may embody qualities such as kindness, empathy, and a deep appreciation for beauty and nature. This name carries a sense of mystique and intrigue, making it a fitting choice for parents seeking a name that is both enchanting and meaningful for their daughter.

Origin: English

Feminine form of Elvin. Friend of elves.

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Overall UK ranking: 3961 out of 5581

5 recorded births last year

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