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Name Popularity: 75%

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The name Eleanora is a variant of the name Eleanor, which has origins in Greek and Old French. The name is derived from the Greek name Eleonore, which means "light" or "torch." It is also believed to be connected to the Greek word "eleos," meaning "mercy" or "compassion." In Old French, the name became Elienor or AliƩnor, and later evolved into Eleanor in English.

Eleanora is a beautiful and elegant name for a girl, carrying both strength and grace. The meaning of "light" or "torch" suggests brightness and illumination, symbolizing the girl's potential to bring light into the world or to be a guiding force for others. The association with "mercy" or "compassion" further adds depth to the name, emphasizing the importance of kindness and empathy. Overall, Eleanora is a name that conveys a sense of warmth, compassion, and wisdom, making it a timeless choice for a girl's name.

Origin: Greek

Form of Eleanor. Light.

Related names

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Overall UK ranking: 1402 out of 5581

22 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (1490)

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