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Name Popularity: 96%

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The name Dua is of Arabic origin and holds a significant meaning. Dua translates to "prayer" or "supplication" in English. In Islamic tradition, Dua refers to the act of reaching out to Allah with heartfelt requests, expressing gratitude, seeking guidance, or seeking protection. It is believed that Dua is a means of communicating with the divine and seeking blessings.

Naming a girl Dua carries a beautiful symbolism, emphasizing the importance of prayer and connection with the spiritual realm. It serves as a constant reminder for the individual to seek solace, guidance, and support through prayer. It highlights the significance of constantly turning to Allah in times of need, expressing gratitude, and seeking forgiveness.

In a broader context, the name Dua can also represent a person who is compassionate, empathetic, and holds strong faith. It reflects a personality that believes in the power of prayer and understands the importance of seeking divine intervention in everyday life.


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Overall UK ranking: 222 out of 5581

225 recorded births last year

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