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Name Popularity: 71%

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The name Darby is of Old Norse origin, derived from the words "dar" meaning "dear" and "byr" meaning "farm" or "settlement." As a result, the name Darby carries the meaning of a "dear settlement" or a "beloved farm." This suggests a connection to nature and a sense of belonging to a place or community.

The name Darby also has English roots, where it can be traced back to its usage as a surname. In this context, it is believed to have originated from the word "derby" or "deer park," referring to an enclosed area where deer were kept for hunting. This interpretation adds an element of strength and agility to the name, as deer are often associated with grace and swiftness.

Overall, the name Darby conveys a sense of affection and attachment to one's surroundings, whether it be a physical location or a close-knit community. It also carries a touch of nature and vitality, symbolizing a connection to the natural world and an ability to adapt and thrive within it.

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Overall UK ranking: 1628 out of 5581

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