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Name Popularity: 97%

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The name Callie is a feminine given name of Greek origin. It is a diminutive form of the name Calista or Callista, which means "most beautiful" or "most lovely." The name is derived from the Greek word "kallos," meaning "beauty." Callie can also be a nickname for other names starting with "Cal," such as Calliope or Calandra.

People named Callie are often described as beautiful, charming, and attractive. They possess a natural grace and radiate a charismatic aura. Callie has a vibrant and outgoing personality, making her popular among friends and loved ones. She has a strong sense of self and is confident in her abilities, which helps her excel in various aspects of life. Callie is also known for her creativity and artistic talents, often expressing herself through music, art, or other forms of self-expression.

Overall, the name Callie carries connotations of beauty, charm, and creativity. It is a name that portrays a person with a captivating personality and a zest for life.

Origin: English


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Overall UK ranking: 172 out of 5581

296 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (46)

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