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The name Bethany is of Hebrew origin and carries a rich biblical significance. It is derived from the Hebrew name "Beth-te-‘Anah," which translates to "house of figs" or "house of affliction." In the Bible, Bethany is the name of a village near Jerusalem, where Jesus was said to have performed several miracles, including the resurrection of Lazarus.

The name Bethany is often associated with qualities such as faith, compassion, and resilience. It signifies a place of solace and renewal, representing a sanctuary amidst life's challenges. The meaning of Bethany can also be interpreted as a metaphorical representation of growth and transformation, as figs symbolize fertility and abundance.

People named Bethany are often described as warm-hearted, caring, and empathetic individuals. They possess a deep sense of spirituality and a strong connection to their faith. Bethany is a name that holds a sense of history and carries a legacy of strength and hope, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a name with profound meaning.

Origin: Arabic

House of poverty.

Related names

Bethany , Bethanee, Bethani, Bethanie, Bethann

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219 recorded births last year

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