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Name Popularity: 93%

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The name Beau is of French origin and holds various meanings depending on the interpretation. It is commonly understood to mean "handsome" or "beautiful" in French, which gives it a positive connotation. However, the name Beau can signify more than just physical beauty. It can also represent qualities such as charm, elegance, and grace.

In addition to its direct translation, Beau can also be seen as a shortened form of the word "beau ideal," which refers to an idealized or perfect version of something. This suggests that the name Beau carries a sense of perfection or an embodiment of desirable qualities.

Furthermore, the name Beau has gained popularity as a given name in English-speaking countries, often chosen for boys because it evokes a sense of sophistication and attractiveness. It is a name that implies a certain level of confidence and appeal, bestowing upon its bearer an aura of charm and magnetism.

Overall, the name Beau carries a positive and attractive meaning, expressing qualities of physical beauty, elegance, charm, and perfection.

Origin: French

Translated from the French as 'handsome', this is quite a name to live up to for a young boy!

The name first came into use in the UK as more of a nickname back in the 17th century. In these days it was used to refer to the male fashionistas of the day. It was not until much later that Beau began to be used as a given name.

Since the 1960s the name has slowly crept up in popularity. These days it is not particularly unusual as a boy's name, and occasionally a girl's name.

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Overall UK ranking: 395 out of 5581

113 recorded births last year

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