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Name Popularity: 99%

Aurora name meaning:

The name Aurora is derived from the Latin word "aurora," which means "dawn" or "morning light." In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the dawn, known for her beauty and ability to bring forth a new day. The name carries connotations of brightness, freshness, and renewal, symbolizing the start of something new and promising.

In recent years, the name Aurora has gained popularity as a given name for girls all around the world. It exudes a sense of elegance and grace, evoking images of the soft, golden light that accompanies the break of day. The name Aurora often signifies optimism, hope, and the promise of a brighter future. It embodies qualities such as vitality, energy, and a sense of awakening. With its poetic and celestial associations, Aurora is a name that carries a sense of wonder and enchantment, making it a beautiful choice for parents seeking a name that embodies the magic and potential of life.

Origin: Latin


Related names

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Overall UK ranking: 56 out of 5581

910 recorded births last year

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  • Wales (33)
  • England (57)
  • Scotland (87)

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