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Name Popularity: 99%

Aria name meaning:

The name Aria is of Italian origin and has various meanings depending on the context. In music, an "aria" refers to a solo vocal piece performed in an opera. Derived from the Italian word "aria" meaning "air" or "melody," this name conveys a sense of elegance and musicality. It also suggests a passionate and expressive nature, as arias in operas often convey intense emotions.

When used as a boy's name, Aria adds a unique and somewhat unconventional touch to traditional masculine names. It can symbolize a blending of traditional gender roles or celebrate a boy's artistic and creative nature. The name Aria may also reflect parents' aspirations for their son to be confident, charismatic, and able to captivate those around him, just like a captivating opera performance. Overall, the name Aria for a boy conveys a sense of uniqueness, creativity, and musicality, making it a distinctive and meaningful choice.

Origin: German


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Overall UK ranking: 37 out of 5581

1202 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (15)
  • Wales (34)
  • England (37)

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