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Name Popularity: 98%

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The name Anaya holds various meanings and origins, making it rich in cultural significance. Predominantly, it is seen as a unisex name but has gained popularity for boys in certain cultures. In its Hebrew origin, Anaya means "God answered" or "God was gracious," reflecting a deep spiritual connection and gratitude for divine intervention or blessings. This interpretation makes the name particularly meaningful for families who feel their child is a gift or an answer to their prayers.

In Arabic, Anaya translates to "care" or "protection," which can signify the hope that the child will either receive care and protection throughout life or grow to embody these qualities. This dual meaning enriches the name, allowing it to carry a message of both divine grace and human virtue. Thus, the name Anaya, with its diverse origins and meanings, embodies a blend of spiritual thankfulness and a universal desire for care and safety.

Origin: Hebrew

Variant of Anaiah: Answer of God, God answers.

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Overall UK ranking: 131 out of 5581

396 recorded births last year

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