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Name Popularity: 94%

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The name Alisha is of Arabic origin and is derived from the name Aisha, which means "alive" or "she who lives" in Arabic. Aisha was the name of one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad, making it a significant name in Islamic culture. Alisha has variations in different cultures and languages, such as Aleesha or Alisa.

In addition to its Arabic roots, the name Alisha also has Sanskrit origins, where it is derived from the name Alish, meaning "protected by God" or "noble." This Sanskrit meaning adds a sense of strength and divine protection to the name.

Overall, the name Alisha is commonly associated with qualities such as vitality, life, resilience, nobility, and divine protection. It is a name that embodies strength and carries a positive connotation.

Origin: Greek

Form of Alice. Truth, noble.

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