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Name Popularity: 94%

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The name Aida is of Arabic origin and has several interpretations. One meaning is "reward" or "present" in Arabic, emphasizing the idea of something given or granted. It can also be derived from the Arabic word "ayyid," which means "visitor" or "returning," implying a sense of coming back or returning to a familiar place or state. In another context, Aida is believed to have Ethiopian origins and is associated with the Amharic word "aida," meaning "she who is beautiful" or "noble." This interpretation highlights the name's aesthetic and noble connotations.

Aida is a name that carries a sense of significance and beauty. It showcases traits related to reward, presence, and returning, which could indicate a person who brings joy and positivity to those around her. Additionally, the Ethiopian interpretation emphasizes the name's elegance and nobility, suggesting a person with a refined and dignified character. Overall, Aida is a name that evokes a sense of grace and charm, making it a fitting choice for a girl.


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Overall UK ranking: 343 out of 5581

138 recorded births last year

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