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Name Popularity: 43%

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The name Adel is of Arabic origin and is predominantly used for boys. It has several meanings and interpretations depending on the cultural context. One of the most common meanings of the name Adel is "just" or "fair." This can refer to someone who possesses a sense of righteousness and fairness in their actions and decisions. Adel can also mean "noble" or "exalted," suggesting a person of high moral character and dignity. In some cases, the name Adel is associated with "kindness" or "benevolence," highlighting a compassionate and gentle nature.

The name Adel carries a positive connotation, reflecting traits that are highly valued in many societies. It encompasses qualities such as integrity, honesty, and honor. Adel is a name that evokes respect and admiration. It represents an individual who strives to treat others fairly and justly, and who upholds moral principles in their interactions with the world.

Origin: German


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