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The name Adeeba is of Arabic origin and it holds a beautiful meaning. Adeeba is derived from the Arabic word "adeeb" which means "cultured" or "well-mannered". It is often used to describe someone who possesses knowledge, wisdom, and a refined sense of etiquette. The name Adeeba carries an inherent sense of sophistication and elegance.

Parents who choose the name Adeeba for their daughter may hope to imbue her with qualities such as intelligence, grace, and a love for learning. Adeeba represents a person who values education, literature, and the arts. It is a name that reflects a desire for the child to grow up to become a cultured and well-rounded individual.

In conclusion, the name Adeeba symbolizes a person who is cultured, well-mannered, and possesses a refined taste. It is a name that signifies intelligence, grace, and a love for learning. Parents who choose this name for their daughter may hope to set her on a path towards a life filled with knowledge, wisdom, and sophistication.

Origin: Arabic

Variant of Adiba: Literary woman, authoress, cultured, polite.

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