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Name Popularity: 96%

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The name Zion is of Hebrew origin and holds significant religious and cultural symbolism. In Hebrew, Zion (צִיּוֹן) means "a sign" or "a monument." It is most commonly associated with Mount Zion, a hill in Jerusalem that holds great religious importance in Judaism. Mount Zion is believed to be the place where King David built his palace and where the first temple was constructed.

The name Zion has also taken on a broader meaning, transcending its religious origins. It has come to symbolize a place of peace, strength, and hope. Zion is often used metaphorically to represent a utopian or heavenly place, a symbol of ultimate happiness and tranquility.

When given as a name to a boy, Zion carries with it a sense of strength, resilience, and divine protection. It is a name that conveys a connection to spirituality and a deep-rooted faith. Parents who choose the name Zion for their son may hope that he embodies the values associated with the name, such as determination, serenity, and a sense of purpose.

Origin: Hebrew

A sign, excellent.


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273 recorded births last year

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