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Name Popularity: 94%

Zayd name meaning:

The name Zayd is of Arabic origin and holds significant meaning. Derived from the word "zada" which means "to grow" or "to increase," Zayd carries the connotation of growth, abundance, and prosperity. It symbolizes a sense of progress and development, making it an auspicious choice for parents seeking a name that brings positive energy to their child's life.

In addition to its literal meaning, Zayd holds historical and cultural significance. One of the most renowned bearers of this name is Zayd ibn Harithah, a trusted companion of the Prophet Muhammad. Zayd ibn Harithah was not only known for his loyalty and bravery but also for his role as an adopted son of the Prophet, serving as an example of love, unity, and acceptance within the Islamic community.

Choosing the name Zayd for a boy carries with it these powerful associations, representing growth, abundance, and a connection to Islamic heritage and values. It bestows upon the child a name that is rich in meaning, reminding him and those around him of the potential for progress and prosperity in his life.

Origin: Arabic


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Overall UK ranking: 272 out of 4789

169 recorded births last year

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