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Name Popularity: 83%

Yazan name meaning:

The name "Yazan" has Arabic origins and carries a significant meaning. In Arabic, "Yazan" is derived from the word "Yasana," which means "to be determined" or "to be resolved." It symbolizes a strong-willed and determined individual who possesses the ability to make firm decisions and stand by them. People with the name Yazan are often seen as confident and ambitious individuals who have a clear vision of their goals.

Individuals named Yazan are known to be natural leaders, displaying great determination and perseverance in everything they do. They have a strong sense of self and exhibit a level of dedication that enables them to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Additionally, Yazan is associated with qualities such as assertiveness, independence, and a steadfast nature.

Overall, the name Yazan represents a person who is resolute, self-assured, and possesses an unwavering commitment to their ambitions and values. It reflects a strong personality and a drive to achieve greatness, making it a name that inspires confidence and admiration.


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Overall UK ranking: 805 out of 4789

40 recorded births last year

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