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Name Popularity: 59%

Yaman name meaning:

The name Yaman is of Arabic origin and has multiple meanings. One of the most common meanings of the name Yaman is "blessed" or "fortunate." It is believed to symbolize a person who is blessed with good fortune and prosperity in life. The name can also mean "right" or "proper" in Arabic, suggesting that individuals named Yaman have a strong sense of righteousness and ethics.

In addition to its Arabic roots, the name Yaman also has ties to Indian mythology. In Hinduism, Yama is the god of death and justice. He is depicted as a fair and righteous deity, which could imply that the name Yaman holds connotations of justice and moral integrity.

Overall, the name Yaman carries positive associations of blessings, fortune, righteousness, and justice. It is a name that may inspire individuals to uphold high moral values and strive for success in life.

Origin: Arabic

Proper name.

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Overall UK ranking: 1984 out of 4789

11 recorded births last year

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