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The name Wright is of English origin and can have multiple meanings. One interpretation is that it is a surname derived from the Old English word "wyrhta," which means "craftsman" or "worker." This suggests that the name was originally given to someone who was skilled in a specific trade or profession, such as a carpenter, blacksmith, or wheelwright. As a given name, Wright can also be associated with the qualities of craftsmanship, skill, and hard work.

Another possible meaning of the name Wright is that it is a patronymic surname derived from the given name Richard. In this case, Wright can be seen as a shortened form of "Wrightson," meaning "son of Richard." This variation of the name became a common surname in England, particularly in the northern regions.

In summary, the name Wright is associated with craftsmanship, skill, and hard work, either as a surname referring to a person's profession or as a patronymic surname derived from the given name Richard. The name carries connotations of dedication, talent, and industriousness.

Origin: Anglo Saxon




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