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Name Popularity: 78%

Wade name meaning:

The name Wade is derived from an English surname that originated as a nickname for someone who lived near a ford or a shallow crossing in a river. The word "wade" itself means to walk through water or any other liquid that is not too deep. Therefore, the name Wade carries a connotation of strength, resilience, and determination.

Individuals named Wade are often seen as confident and adventurous, willing to take risks and face challenges head-on. They are not afraid to step into uncertain situations and navigate through them with courage and determination. People with this name tend to possess a strong sense of self and are often seen as leaders due to their natural charisma and ability to inspire others.

Overall, the name Wade represents an individual who is strong-willed, resilient, and unafraid to face life's obstacles head-on. It embodies the qualities of bravery and adventure, making it an empowering and meaningful name choice for a boy.

Origin: English

From the river crossing.


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Overall UK ranking: 1055 out of 4789

27 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (871)

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