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The name Toni is a diminutive of the name Antonia, which is of Latin origin. It is derived from the Roman family name Antonius, which is believed to have originated from the ancient Roman clan name Antonii, meaning "priceless" or "inestimable". The name Toni has both feminine and masculine origins, and it gained popularity as a unisex name in the 20th century.

For girls, the name Toni is often associated with qualities such as strength, determination, and independence. It signifies a girl who is confident, capable, and resilient. Toni is a name that has a modern and trendy appeal, yet it also carries a sense of timelessness due to its ancient roots.

Overall, the name Toni can be seen as a strong and empowering choice for a girl, embodying qualities that many parents aspire for their daughters to possess.

Origin: Latin

See Anthony Female).


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