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Name Popularity: 84%

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The name Tomi is of Japanese origin and has multiple meanings depending on the written characters used. One common meaning is "wealth" or "riches." In Japanese, the character "to" (富) represents "wealth," and when combined with other characters, it can create variations of the name. Another meaning of Tomi is "a rich guard" or "a rich protector." This meaning is derived from the combination of the characters "to" (富) and "mi" (守), which means "guard" or "protector."

In addition to its Japanese origins, Tomi is also a unisex name used in various other cultures. In Nigeria, Tomi is a Yoruba name that means "to have knowledge." It can be a short form of names like Tomilade or Tomisin, which also have the same meaning. In Finnish, Tomi is a diminutive form of Thomas, which means "twin" or "the twin."

Overall, the name Tomi is associated with concepts of wealth, protection, knowledge, and twins, depending on the cultural context and written characters used.


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Overall UK ranking: 751 out of 4789

45 recorded births last year

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