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Timas name meaning:

The name Timas is of Lithuanian origin and it carries a special meaning. Although it is not a widely known name, it is believed to have a deep significance. Timas is derived from the Lithuanian word "timas," which means "honor" or "respect." Therefore, the name Timas can be interpreted as "honorable" or "respected."

Individuals named Timas are often regarded as dignified and esteemed individuals. They possess qualities such as integrity, loyalty, and a strong sense of responsibility. Timas is a name that carries a certain level of gravitas, and those who bear this name are expected to uphold high moral standards and honor their commitments.

In conclusion, the name Timas signifies honor and respect. It represents individuals who are esteemed, responsible, and possess a strong sense of integrity. These qualities make the name Timas a fitting choice for parents who wish to bestow upon their son a name that reflects virtues and noble characteristics.


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