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The name Thom is a variant of the name Thomas, which originates from the Aramaic name "Toma," meaning "twin." Thomas is a biblical name, famously associated with one of Jesus' twelve apostles, known as "Doubting Thomas." The name Thom carries both historical and religious significance.

People named Thom are often seen as reliable, practical, and hardworking individuals. They possess a strong sense of responsibility and tend to be dependable in their relationships and commitments. Thom's thoughtful and analytical nature allows them to excel in problem-solving and decision-making. They have a natural inclination towards seeking truth and understanding, which can be attributed to the namesake's quest for certainty in the biblical story.

The name Thom embodies traits of loyalty, perseverance, and an inquisitive nature. Those named Thom often bring a sense of stability and trustworthiness to their personal and professional lives, making them valued members of their communities.

Origin: Aramaic

Diminutive of Thomas: Twin.

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