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Name Popularity: 75%

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The name Theon is of Greek origin and has several meanings and interpretations. One possible meaning is "gift of God" or "godly." Derived from the Greek word "theos," meaning "god," it carries connotations of divine favor or blessing. The name also has ties to Greek mythology, as Theon is similar to the name of the Greek god Apollo, who was associated with light, music, and prophecy.

Additionally, Theon can also be interpreted as "victorious" or "conqueror," as it is derived from the Greek word "theos," meaning "to conquer" or "to overcome." This interpretation suggests strength, valor, and triumph.

Overall, the name Theon encompasses both spiritual and courageous qualities, making it a meaningful and powerful choice for a boy. It carries the message of being a divine gift or being favored by the gods, as well as the potential for triumph and success in various endeavors.

Origin: French

Untamed / godly


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Overall UK ranking: 1218 out of 4789

22 recorded births last year

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