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Name Popularity: 88%

Szymon name meaning:

The name Szymon is a variant of the name Simon, which has Hebrew origins. In Hebrew, the name Simon means "he has heard" or "the listener." This name carries a sense of attentiveness, responsiveness, and openness to receiving information or messages. It is derived from the Hebrew verb "shama," meaning "to hear" or "to listen," and is therefore associated with the quality of being a good listener.

People named Szymon are often described as compassionate, empathetic, and understanding individuals. They excel in interpersonal relationships and are known for their ability to lend a listening ear and provide support to others. Szymon's inherent qualities of attentiveness and sensitivity make them well-suited for careers in counseling, therapy, or any profession that involves active listening and understanding. Overall, the name Szymon symbolizes the importance of being open to communication and valuing the opinions and experiences of others.


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Overall UK ranking: 551 out of 4789

70 recorded births last year

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